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(micro pigmentation)
 Angela trained at the Lillian Maund Beauty School in 1994 so has over 20 years experience.  She also recently updated her skills in the new MICROBLADING procedure and was taught be Rebecca Chung a world leader in this field.
Micro pigmentation is very similar to a tattoo but it doesn't penetrate the skin as deeply. Therefore over time the skin will shed and the pigment will fade. The pigment can last anywhere between 3-5 years.
People who undertake micro pigmentation can do so for many different reasons, ranging from those who simply want to look their best at all times, to those who require some form of corrective skin enhancement for medical reasons.
Some people who might choose to have cosmetic micro pigmentation are listed below:
  • those with allergies to conventional make-up;
  • those with no time to apply make-up daily;
  • those who seek correction of asymmetrical facial features;
  • those with excessively oily skin which causes make-up to smear
  • those with physical difficulties which make the application of conventional    make-up impossible;
  • those who's eyebrows are sparse from over plucking or just with age
  • those who find themselves penciling in their eyebrows every day
  • those who may have had chemotherapy and have lost their hair
A record card will be filled in logging the colour of the pigment and various health questions will be asked.
Some clients will arrive with their eyebrows penciled exactly as they want them. Angela  will simply match the colour and copy the exact shape. Other clients may want advice on shape and colour. Time will be taken to ensure you are completely satisfied before the procedure begins.
During the procedure the client may keep hold of the mirror and at regular intervals both yourself and Angela will check that you are happy with each step of the procedure.
After approx 6 weeks you will be asked to return to the salon, if any touch ups are required this will be done. You may find that once you have got used to your  enhancement you would like it darker or thicker, this can be achieved in a top up session.

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Eyebrows                                 £300
Top up from £50

A topical anasthetic cream is  used to ease any discomfort.
Consultation is FREE, please call in or ring with any questions.                                
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