Angela-Kay's Beauty Salon 46 Warner St, Accrington  BB5 1HN - Est 1998
Semi-Permanent Nail Polish
Last 2/3 weeks on fingers
6 weeks on toes... no chipping, no waiting to dry!!
New Set   ONLY £18 fingers or toes!

Maintanence £20  45 mins

We have over 100 colours to choose from, colour changing and glitter!!

We are that confident you will love your nail extensions, if your not 100% satisfied on the day then you don't pay a penny!
Gel Nail Extensions give you the chance to have perfect looking nails every day. At your appointment we will discuss the look you wish to achieve, ie length, shape.
                                                 Full Set of Gel/Acrylic Nail Extensions       - £40
                                                 Full Set with Trainee                                     -£20
                                                 Backfills                                                         - £26
                                                 Full set of Coloured Gel                                - £35
                                                 Coloured Infills                                             - £26
                                                 Clear Gel Overlay                                          - £25
                                                 Infills                                                              - £20
                                                 Coloured Gel Tidy                                         -£15
                                                 Tidy(blend and new top coat,repairs extra) £7
                                                 Gel Toes                                                          - £15
                                                 Nail Repair                                                      -  £3
                                                 Glitter Toes                                                   - £15
NAIL ART       

We have 100's of designs to choose from and many 
colours of glitter and diamontes for those
who want that extra bling!!
From £1 per nail


We use a combination of an aromatic Thai range to balance your mind, body and soul and Nailtiques to help solve any problems of peeling,weak, dry or thickened nails. Your nails, cuticles and
skin will be nourished and strengthened.
 Massage, exfoliation and  heated mitts included with both treatments to make it extra special!

 £18 (includes polish)        45mins 
 £20  with French Polish   60mins    
 £30  with Polish Pro         60mins
£24 (includes polish)          60mins   
£26  with French Polish     75mins  
£36  with Polish Pro          75mins
File and Polish         £7       20mins   with French Polish  £10