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We use SIENNA-X Spray Tan to achieve streak-free healthy-looking skin. The product range cares for your skin throughout every stage to help you prepare, develop, extend, and enhance your spray tan.

Preparation Tips
Correct skincare before and after your sunless application will help you maximise the life of your beautiful tan so you can enjoy it day after day!
PREPARE...your skin before your sunless application for even, natural-looking results.
• Exfoliate skin.
• Shave at least one day before your spray tanning treatment.
• Do not moisturise on the day of your tan.
• Remove your makeup and jewelry..
Application Tips
DEVELOP.......beautiful, natural-looking results with Sienna-X Tan Sunless tanning products.
For Sunless Application by a Professional Spray Technician:
• Wear your bathing suit, your undergarments, or disposable underwear (provided).
• Do not wear wool, nylon, or silk fabrics during the treatment.
• We will apply barrier cream to your feet and hands            concentrating on any dry areas.
• Follow the instructions of your spray tanning technician.
Extending & Enhancing Tips
EXTEND .........your sunless tanning results after your application for long-lasting colour.
• Wear dark, loose fitting clothes.
• Do not wear wool, nylon or silk fabrics until after your first shower.
• Wait at least six hours before you shower, moisturise, swim or exercise.
• Don't worry if you see colour washing off from your first shower - this is the immediate cosmetic bronzer. What is left behind is a beautiful, sunless tan.
• Cleanse your skin daily, starting after your first shower.
• Moisturise daily, starting after your first shower.
Full Body Tan                           £20
Upper Body/Lower Body           £12
ON OFFER AT THE MOMENT  2 FOR £30!! Either 2 for yourself or share the other with a friend!