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Quality DECLEOR Facials in Accrington, Lancashire

Our fantastic DECLEOR treatments are highly effective and incredibly relaxing. At Angela-Kay’s Beauty Salon, we strive to offer the very best every time, whether it’s a hairdressing appointment or a facial. These DECLEOR facials are the best in the industry, and are well-known for their quality. The award-winning treatments are loved by all of our customers, and we’d love you to visit us in Accrington, Lancashire.


Combining methods of aromatherapy and physiotherapy since 1974, the award-winning range from DECLEOR aims to revitalise your skin with essential oils while relaxing and de-stressing you.

All DECLEOR treatments begin with a 10 minutes back massage.

DECLEOR Power Boost Facial | 30 Minutes | £30

If you’re short on time then this treatment is perfect. For instant refined and flawless skin, this power packed facial awakens even the most tired complexions.

DECLEOR Ultimate Vitamin Glow | One Hour | £44

This award-winning vitamin facial is packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants. Thanks to the five deeply relaxing massage techniques, it’s also great for melting away stress.

DECEOR Oxygenating Pure and Matt |One Hour 10 Minutes | £49

This mattifying facial targets spots, blemishes, open pores, and excessive shine. We use aquatic plant powders and an oxygenating power mask to give a brighter, shine-free, and flawless complexion.

DECLEOR Harmonie Calm |One Hour 10 Minutes | £49

Acting as a calming comfort blanket, blueberry extract soothes angry sore skin whilst a cooling algae plasticising mask gently peels away to reveal a smoother, soothed skin.

DECLEOR Divine Nutrition | One Hour 10 Minutes | £49

By cocooning skin in deliciously nourishing essential oils and active nutrients, this facial helps to comfort, renew, and repair the skin. Feeding dull dry skin, it transforms complexions to feel radiant and satin smooth.

DECLEOR Moisture Quench | One Hour 10 Minutes | £49

This treatment is super hydrating and it’s able to quench the thirstiest of skins. This deeply moisturising treatment uses a rich mask to intensively rehydrate skin for a supple and cashmere-soft feel.

DECLEOR Advanced Facials

Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Resist | One Hour 15 Minutes | £49

This is perfect for skin showing the first signs of ageing. A potent mask packed with anti-oxidants and galangal extracts is used to lift, plump, and firm the skin, giving a luminous, younger-looking complexion.

Collagen Lift and Plump | One Hour 15 Minutes | £55

Energising but luxurious, this specialised massage helps to recharge skin tissues. At the same time, an indulgent, collagen-rich mask infuses the complexion with skin plumping nutrients. This is a gym workout for the skin!

Advanced Sculpt and Lift | One Hour 15 Minutes | £55

This is great for treating all signs of ageing, helping to plump out lines and increase tone. By strengthening from within, skin becomes less sensitive and satin smooth, with a new freshness and luminosity.

DECLEOR Body Treatments

Aroma Body Massage | One Hour 15 Minutes | £45

Everyday stresses and strains simply disappear with our heavenly aromatherapy massage. Relax, detoxify, tone, or stimulate with this treatment. The incredibly soothing sensation of the warm aromatherapy balms are expertly blended with an exquisite elixir of natural essential oils. In doing this, we’re able to melt away tension and ease stress for renewed energy and velvety skin.

Aroma Back Relief | 30 Minutes | £30

The back, neck and shoulders are exfoliated and massaged with a warm aromatic balm to ease away the stress and tension.

Tranquillity Scalp | 30 Minutes | £25

This intensively relaxes to ease tension and aid sleep.

Radiant Mum-to-Be | One Hour 15 Minutes | £50

Relax while your highly trained therapist safely and gently treats your stomach, legs, and face to a truly nurturing experience. This also helps to reduce the risk of stretch marks, relieves heavy legs, and brightens skin. It’s a safe and nurturing pregnancy ritual, suitable for pregnancies of more than 12 weeks.

For further information on our DECLEOR facials and treatments, call us, in Accrington, Lancashire.

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