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holistic therapies

Indian Head Massage (Woman only)  – 45 minute treatment   £30

This ancient ritual dates back around 4,000 years and induces an overall general wellbeing. It also reduces headaches and migraines and tension around the forehead, temples, jaw, neck and shoulders. As the massage increases blood flow to the area, another benefit can be increased hair growth and healthier hair.

You may remain fully clothed for this treatment.

This relaxing treatment begins with a shoulder pressure massage, moving up into the neck and around the ears. The hair and scalp are massaged in a variety of different ways giving you time to practice some mindfulness living in the moment and enjoying the intense feeling of relaxation.

Attention then moves to the face by way of a pressure point massage followed by a final deep massage of the upper back and shoulders.

Reflexology (Woman Only)  – 50 minute treatment (10 Min Consultation) £30

A thoroughly relaxing treatment working on both of the lower legs including feet, ankles, toes, heels and soles, identifying areas which may be puffy, tender, red or grainy and advising which area of the body the corresponding area is related to.

Reflexology promotes a total feel of wellbeing, aids better sleep, reduces headaches and can relieve many other ailments.

The treatment begins with an initial assessment, and superficial cleanse, of the feet along with a short massage to warm up the feet.

Then drift away while every inch of each foot is inspected by a technique called thumb-walking to identify energy blockages and is manipulated by massage and kneading to reduce those blockages and increase blood flow.

Reflexology is based on similar principles to acupuncture working on the meridian lines (but without the need for needles!)